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Valley Arts received a $1,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation to help us present each student with a scholarship to attend the workshop. Your donation benefits students in l0w-income or underserved communities.

Benefits of Music and Student Development

Guest Speaker-Mark Craig, Lic. Dir. Madison, Cty (students) James A. Lane Boys and Girls Club

Jazz Workshop - Columbia High School


Music Education from a Professional Performers View

Valley Arts and Entertainment expects performing artists who participate in Alabama Women in Jazz Festival to present a music workshop outreach to students, teachers, and the community.  In 2017, Paula Atherton, conducted a workshop to one of the first jazz band classes of 2017 at Columbia High School, under the direction of band director, Shelman Miller.  Workshops combined with masterclasses offer group and individualized instruction for aspiring students from vocal coaching, songwriting, instrument showcasing, lectures, demonstrations, and more, which allows students an opportunity to participate in group session, geared to encourage and strengthen the cognitive skills and team building skills.

Vocal Coaching & Songwriting - Tangled String Studios

Workshops in Music Education from a local perspective

Local music teachers and musicians provide a great presence and learning environment to students in and around the Tennessee Valley. These middle and high school programs are intrigued in 2016, Sonya Smith-Merritt conducted a vocal coaching workshop to students from the James A. Lane Boys and Girls Club, additionally, Emma Klein followed with a songwriting session.  Here you see the students deeply engage in writing; developing team spirit and creative thinking.

  • Valley Arts Fall Music Workshop (offered during Fall Break in October)
  • Other are announced throughout the year