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Benefits of Music and Student Development

“Musical training helps develop language and reasoning, memorization. Students learn to improve their work, gain increased coordination, a sense of achievement.  Kids stay engaged in school, success in the society, emotional development. Students learn pattern recognition. Better SAT scores, fine-tuned auditory skills, music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity, music can be relaxing. Musical instruments can teach discipline, preparation for the creative economy, development in creative thinking, Music can develop spatial intelligence, Kids can learn teamwork and be responsible risk-taking and have better self-confidence.”

Mark Craig, License Director Madison County (students) James A. Lane Boys and Girls Club


We offer workshops in music education that provide unique experiences to students who lack exposure to music opportunities.  These workshops offer group and individualized instruction in many areas from vocal coaching, songwriting, instrument showcasing, lectures, demonstrations, special speakers, which allows students an opportunity to participate in group session, geared to encourage and strengthen the cognitive skills and team building skills.

Music from a Professional Performers View

Valley Arts and Entertainment expects performing artists who participate in Alabama Women in Jazz Festival to present a music workshop outreach to students, teachers, and the community.  We also give local music teachers and musicians an opportunity to present and provide a learning environment to students in and around the Tennessee Valley to area elementary, middle and high school programs.

Workshops in Music Education

  • Valley Arts Fall Music Workshop (offered during Fall Break in October)
  • Other are announced throughout the year